Arthur’s Walking Stick

Arthur’s Walking Stick

As the mythical Arthur pulled the sword from the stone with courage and determination – so do hundreds of thousands of real people pull their lives together every day with equal courage and determination, people living with illness, disabilities and the consequences of old age.

This is my tribute to all those living with illness, disability and the inevitable effects of growing old.

This is my grandfather’s walking stick; I wanted to create a statement about his courage and determination at facing old age. My grandfather would have liked the humour and pathos in this artwork. I can hear him chuckling now. My grandfather was ‘magic’…

“Whoso pulleth out this walking stick of this tree is rightwise born to be immortal”…

I also dedicate this artwork to Granny, Fern, Calum, Ritchie and Colin – all who live their lives with huge courage and determination.