Steel Fern

Steel Fern

Living back home in the Highlands I have had a chance to be more involved and interested in our garden. As summer (2016) arrived the plants started to wake up around our pond. Marsh Buttercups and Ferns to name a few.

The simple and breathtaking beauty of the turn of the season and the return of the light after the long winter is stunning. The ferns, in particular, uncurl like a child’s party tooter – heralding the arrival of summer. We didn’t even plant the ferns they just appeared by themselves.

This inspired me to forge 63 steel rods of different thickness and lengths, unfolding at the tips like the ferns. The sculpture is set on a slab of beautiful fine Ash.

All in all, a fitting tribute to the Ferns and the plants in our garden, all is stretching upwards to the summer light.

Steel Fern Sculpture 2016 dimensions
Ash wood base circumference: 25cm
Overall height: 42cm

Upscale artwork idea

Perhaps in the future, I can find the funding to do a large scale public art installation of the Fern. I can visualise the artwork in a public park or woodland area. I believe it would be a striking addition to a wildwood or area where plants and nature rule the roost.

James Ritchie Large scale Steel Fern concept picture