New Life

New Life
Commissioned by Sandra Smith

The brief from Sandra was to create a sculpture or artwork from reclaimed materials. A sculpture or artwork that celebrated the fact that she has conquered cancer and made a full recovery.
As Sandra said, ‘art that is a celebration of new life or life seen from a different perspective’.
Sandra is a passionate gardener and felt that the sculpture or artwork would be best placed in her garden.

Sandra’s brief was very clear – so I set about creating a sculpture for her garden where she could stop every now and again, for a few minutes and reflect on her victory over cancer. The materials used were discarded roof slates,  an end cut from a large 12 by 12 timber and 3 steel rods to support the staked columns of slate.

The sculpture represents the idea that life can be disrupted or radically altered by influences outwith the control of the individual. In Sandra’s case (and like many others battling life-threatening illness) it was an internal influence that changed everything. The layers of slate columns (or flowers) represent the many battling illness, moving in the wind, reflecting the energy and life that is within us all. I wish Sandra and all people who are battling life-threatening illness a speedy recovery – and a new life.